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Start with our free 15-day coaching course now!

success starts in the mind


Ready for a revolutionary way to lose weight?

Well, everybody seems to know how to loose weight: Exercise more and watch your diet!

Yes, true, but that´s only one way, and it ain´t the best! And that is, because this way is the way of fighting – fighting the pounds. And that way in the long run only works for those who like to fight long-term, and who are willing to subordinate quite a few things in their life to their figure goal!

Don´t even try to fight off pounds!

For most of us, however, it doesn’t work because we don’t want to be in the fight all the time. Also there are many, who put quite some effort into their shape and figure goal, but still do not get to where they want to be. And that’s why I need to introduce you to a different way, a way where we tap deep into your real potential.

Your body is mostly a product of your mind!

Diets, workout routines and forcing yourself to eat healthier, that works only in the short term. Many people struggle with the yoyo effect. But where does this yoyo effect come from – where does it really come from?

The reason, why you are experiencing this vicious circle of diet, of loosing weight and gaining it back is, because your figure, your shape is just a product of your mind. It´s not a product of your eating habits, because if that was the case, there wouldn´t be so many people who eat what they want and still are much slimmer than many who constantly watch their diet!

Forget about calories!

Losing weight has nothing to do with counting calories, saving on calories, because a saved calorie may be a calorie or even 1.5 calories, but it can also be only 0.1 calories. Sounds incredible, but it it´s a fact! (see based on real science) So counting calories makes no sense. It is not about what you eat, it´s about what your body makes out of it! Don´t embark on the wrong strategy and forget about calories!

Forget about your scales!

Never ever check on your figure by stepping on the scales. That is one of the worst mistakes you can make if you wanna reach your dream shape. It does not matter if your scales just measure your weight or give you some body fat percentage. Do not let yourself be guided by that – it will lead you astray.

Don´t lose your dream!

If you want to lose weight, you must not want to lose weight! Sounds strange? Maybe at that point, right, but once you understand how your body really works, this notion will make perfect sense for you. If you wanna lose weight, you will lose, but it will not be excess bodyfat in the end, but your dream!

Become a winner!

If you change your diet, adapt an exercise routine, but don´t change your program, you gonna lose in the long run.

But your shape, it is like a software program on a computer and this program is the reason, why most people stay the same or with age even suffer from a deteriorating shape. This inner program is the reason, why so many quickly gain back the weight quickly, once they have forced their bodies to lose it. So please let me do it right with you! Let´s not engage in this meaningless, insane fighting! Become a winner by changing your program!

Let´s quadruple your success

At least 75% of your success lies hidden in your mind. And this is not really about motivation. Motivation may push your will power. But will power is fighting. But we don´t wanna fight. We wanna free your real energy potential, rise it to a new height and align all of your new energy to work on your aims from deep within, so it runs free and into the right direction on the level of your subconscious mind. And by this we will quadruple your success potential!

Let´s change your genetics!

Let me introduce you to a revolutionary way, a way where we gain time and energy, not waste it. A way, where we end up even changing your very genetics, to the genetics of a slim person – simply from within. Let´s be frank: What would you prefer: Fighting for the rest of your life or changing your genetics, be like those people who are naturally slim?

Based on real science!

Do you just want to lose weight? Or do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Or do you just want to have your desired figure and perhaps be able to eat what you want? Whether you will succeed or not, it all starts with the right goal setting technique and the right system.

What we have learned from thousands and thousands of customer coachings, is that it all boils down to the same mistakes almost about everyone is making. And that deprives you of 80,90% of your real potential. And that is why we have developed a system based on 35 years of experience, on an extensive development of an Expert-AI an artificial intelligence. This program is based on more than 10 years of medical research and millions of dollars of investment into this program – all to give you a unique solution, that really works!

Set your expectations higher!

So how do we achieve all that? Very simple, but methodical in small and easy steps: Let me set you up with your Personal Digital Coach, your DesignYou App. And that is a

  • A mental coaching system, to reprogram your body & mind
  • A system to learn and practice a new approach to instinctive nutrition
  • A totally new approach to working out – harnessing the power of your mind
  • A motivational vulcano, so that you set to become the best you, that you´d ever been

Let´s turn the world of fitness and weight control upside down, because what we wanna do ist train the body with the mind and train the mind with the body.

I am your coach. I am Mikerich. I am your back! Just trust – DesignYou!

Success starts in the mind

Success is a question of your mindset and your figure is nothing more than a program in your subconscious, your Solar Plexus. If you want to lose weight permanently, then this can only be done by changing this program. With the help of AI-supported software, we guide you step by step on the road to success in your mental training.

Eating right is easy

No prohibitions, no diet. Instead, we awaken in you the power of instinctive nutrition, a diet that is good for you, comes from within and supports your body and your metabolism, leading you from within to your desired figure. Unleash the power of instinctive nutrition with the help of our AI-supported nutritional coaching.


If you’re exercising because you want to burn calories or lose weight, you have the wrong goal. If you force your body to burn calories, it will take it all back. Instead, use the power of meditative training. A workout where mind and body are in harmony and your body and genetics are programmed to your desired figure.

On the following pages we invite you to get a deeper understanding of the DesignYou concept. We want to convince you of the strategy behind it!

Design You is a personalization-driven, networked system that helps you help yourself achieve your physical and mental goals.

On the following pages we invite you to get a deeper understanding of the DesignYou concept. We want to convince you of the strategy behind it!

Design You is a personalization-driven, networked system that helps you help yourself achieve your physical and mental goals.